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When 3 become 1 – Combining the Entity Compendiums

Not to be confused with the song ‘When 2 become 1’ by the spice girls todays blog looks at the Entity compendiums for ‘Beyond the Veil’.

Initially we had planned to have a separate entity compendium for each area of the game; Haunted, Fabled & Existence which would had covered the paranormal, supernatural and Extraterrestrial entities in the game.

After a bit of jiggery pokery and mathmatics by our cleverest boffins here at Wrenegade Studios, they can count without the use of fingers, we have found that we can in fact fit all 3 of these books into 1 compendium without losing any of the entities or creating a book big enough to beat an elephant to death with, or at least give him a nasty headache.

The new single volume compendium will come in at around 300 pages and include around 120 entities from all 3 areas of investigation, as well as around 50 legendary entities, and if that wasn’t enough there will numerous investigations included.

Why condense the 3 volumes into 1?

Our main reason is to bring down costs for you the player. We have already condensed the core rule books (without losing anything) to enable you to play the game with just 2 books and now with this new single volume entity compendium you will have the choice to add a total of nearly 200 entities to your game.

We always had the vision of the single compendium of entities but at the time of announcement of the books we were unsure of page counts. As a result we announced the 3 volumes with the hope we could condense them into 1 book.

What are your opinions? Are you happy to see us condense the 3 books into 1? Would you rather have had the choice to buy your books by investigation type? Leave us a comment.

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