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An Investigative Survival
Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Unveil the secrets hidden from the ordinary world, the enigmatic phenomena that arise in the darkness, the cosmic entities that reach out to us, and the unverified mysteries that beg the question: do we truly have no evidence?

Unite your team and embark on a captivating journey “Beyond the Veil,”
where you will explore uncharted territories and unravel the realms of the Paranormal, Supernatural, and Unknown.


What is
Beyond the Veil?

Unite your team on an investigative journey into the Paranormal, Supernatural, and the Unknown.

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Wrenegade System

Introducing the Wrenegade System, a dice-based TTRPG system that emphasizes player agency and narrative flexibility.

Beyond the Veil - Shadows at the Rectory FREE starter kit


Download the FREE “Beyond the Veil” Starter kit “Shadows at the Rectory”. AVAILABLE NOW!

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Get ready for an exciting Kickstarter launch in 2024 for Beyond the Veil! Follow us now to ensure you don’t miss out.


Capturing evidence

Enter the shadows, face otherworldly beings, eerie paranormal activities, and primal hunts in the wilds.

With your team of fearless investigators, you’ll pursue mysteries that defy explanation.

Are you brave enough to face your biggest fears?


Paranormal entities are incorporeal phenomena or beings beyond human understanding, like ghosts, daemons, and poltergeists, existing in the realm Beyond the Veil.



Supernatural entities are corporeal beings tied to folklore and myths. They include cryptids and mythical creatures like werewolves and vampires, possessing unique abilities.



Extraterrestrial entities can include beings from other planets or dimensions that are thought to exist beyond our understanding or ability to perceive.



Encounter famous legendary entities from around the World to blur reality and imagination and challenge your players’ investigative skills.


World Building

Beyond the Veil - Location


  • Explore and investigate locations from around the world and beyond.

  • Or keep it close to home and terrify your friends and test their courage within the familiar surroundings of your local area.



  • Experience dynamic gameplay shaped by weather, terrain, and ambience.

  • Engage with landscapes that impact character interactions and encounters.



  • Delve into rich lore inspired by urban legends and folklore from around the world.

  • Or create your own stories for the ultimate custom experience.



  • Create diverse characters of your choice, choosing from a broad spectrum of skills, talents and powers to customise them to your liking.

  • Populate your world with a variety of engaging NPCs.

Upcoming Products

Below are the key products we are planning on bringing to Kickstarter in the near future.


The Game Master's Guide

The core rule book will help you create your perfect game setting, design narratives to enthral and terrify your friends as well as build encounters and investigations that will challenge your players.

As part of our mission to make ‘Beyond the Veil’ accessible we will include “Quick reference information” to help you find that rule or stat as quickly as possible.

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The Investigators Handbook

Everything you will need to create your character, equip them for the upcoming investigations and level as your reputation grows.

The ‘Investigators Handbook’ will also include quick reference information so you don’t have to waste time looking for the info you need.

The Entity Compendium

Unleash a realm of boundless possibilities with the Beyond the Veil entity compendium.

  • Immerse yourself in over 120 new entities, enriching your investigations with thrilling encounters.

  • Uncover the secrets of 40 new legendary entities, waiting to be discovered and challenged.

  • Engage in fresh investigations, designed to test your courage and resilience.


Capture evidence of chilling Ghouls, embark on a relentless pursuit of the enigmatic Mothman, or unveil the existence of lizard-like beings living among us. The Entity Compendium unlocks a world of terrifying possibilities, elevating your ‘Beyond the Veil’ game to unparalleled levels.

Planned Future Expansions

Planned Future Modules

Venture back to the birth of the age of spiritualism, take your character to epic levels and discover what secrets lie in the vaults of the Supernatural & Paranormal Society.

  • Phantasmagorical

  • Legacy

  • The Hidden Vaults

  • Tales from Beyond the Veil

Beyond the Veil expansion books

As well as the planned expansion books we also have a range of modules in mind that will not only give you new investigations but also exclusive content including; Entities, equipment, skills/talents & powers.

Character Sheet

Track your character’s progression using the comprehensive ‘Beyond the Veil’ character sheet. Designed to have all the info you need to play your character at your finger tips.

Equipment & Power Cards

Beyond the Veil Character sheet

As part of the Kickstarter stretch goals, we plan to create cards that will help you track equipment and powers.
These cards will have all the relevant information you will need without having to dive into the ‘Investigators Handbook’ as well as help out with your teams inventory management.

Kickstarter Exclusive:
Deluxe Black Edition

The all-black deluxe “Beyond the Veil” edition will include;

  • All three manuals featuring an embossed design

  • A manual slipcase

  • Black bookmark ribbon

  • Black page edges

This will be a limited edition and only available through the Kickstarter.

(Product may change in design).

Beyond the Veil Deluxe-black-edition

Deluxe Accessories

Included in the deluxe pledge we plan to include these accessories;

  • Custom sharp-edge black dice displaying the Wrenegade Studios logo

  • Custom dice vault

  • Custom GM screen

*These items are not yet confirmed

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