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Trademark Policy

*Effective Date: 13th October 2023*

1. Introduction

Wrenegade Studios LTD ("Wrenegade Studios") is the owner of certain trademarks, including but not limited to "Wrenegade Studios" and "Beyond the Veil". These trademarks are valuable assets and are protected under the laws of the United Kingdom, including the Trade Marks Act 1994.

2. Trademark Ownership

"Wrenegade Studios" and "Beyond the Veil" are trademarks of Wrenegade Studios LTD, registered under Class 28 and Class 41 for Wrenegade Studios, and Class 16 and Class 28 for Beyond the Veil, pursuant to the Trade Marks Act 1994.

3. Proper Use of Trademarks

Users of Wrenegade Studios' website and associated materials are permitted to use the trademarks "Wrenegade Studios" and "Beyond the Veil" solely for the purpose of accurately referring to Wrenegade Studios' products, services, or other offerings. Any use of these trademarks must be in accordance with applicable law and must not suggest any affiliation, sponsorship, or endorsement by Wrenegade Studios without prior written consent.

4. Prohibited Uses

Any unauthorised use of the trademarks "Wrenegade Studios" or "Beyond the Veil" is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, using the trademarks in a manner that is likely to cause confusion, dilution, or disparagement of Wrenegade Studios or its products or services.

5. Enforcement

Under the Trade Marks Act 1994, infringement of a trademark can result in severe penalties, including but not limited to indictment up to 10 years, imprisonment for up to 6 months, and/or an unlimited fine (£5,000 maximum for offences committed prior to 13 March 2015).. If you believe that you or someone else may have infringed upon the trademarks held by Wrenegade Studios, please contact us immediately at

6. Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about this trademark policy, please contact us at:

Wrenegade Studios LTD  


7. Modifications

Wrenegade Studios reserves the right to modify or update this trademark policy at any time without prior notice. Please review this policy periodically for any changes.

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