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  • What is Beyond the Veil?
    Beyond the Veil is an investigative survival tabletop roleplaying game or TTRPG for short. You and your friends must form a team of investigators tasked with finding the truth about the paranormal, supernatural and the unknown from beyond the stars and resolving any issues along the way to complete the investigation. Beyond the Veil utilises the Wrenegade gaming system.
  • What is a TTRPG?
    A Tabletop Roleplaying Game (TTRPG) is a collaborative story telling experience. Usually there are two sides in play, a GM (see below) and a group of players who will act out the scenes put before them. Unlike many types of games there is no traditional ‘winner’ in a TTRPG, the aim is to improvise fun and exciting situations that are collectively entertaining. More info can be found here
  • What is a Game master (GM)?
    The Game Master crafts the world in which the players will act. They embody the non-player characters (NPCs) and the entities the investigators will be interacting with. The GM also acts as the funnel through which the rules of the game are applied, the ability to make, break, or ignore rules also lies in their hands.
  • What do I need to become a GM?
    The main thing a GM needs is time and patience. Running a game requires preparation and knowledge of the rules found in the core rulebooks (or via the SRD, once available, for instant access to the basics). For new, or time limited GMs, you can utilise existing investigations published by Wrenegade Studios or other third parties. To create your own stories that chart the career of your group of investigators all you need is a basic narrative to explore and a willingness to improvise. A set of dice won’t hurt either.
  • When will Beyond the Veil be released?
    It has always been our aim to release Beyond the Veil in Q4 2024. But we want to make sure everything is right before release so if there is are any changes to this we will keep you updated.
  • Will I be able to play Beyond the Veil online?
    We plan to roll out Beyond the Veil on as many virtual tabletops as we can. Including Roll20, Foundry, Role. Sign up to our newsletter for updates on when this will become available.
  • Does Beyond the Veil have an age rating?
    We recommend this game for 12+ due to the complexity and setting but as with many other TTRPGs they can be played and enjoyed by people of all ages.
  • Is Beyond the Veil suitable for young children?
    With adult supervision and a GM who is responsible, Beyond the Veil can be adapted and played with younger children. Some of the more complex rules are marked as ‘advanced’ and are optional for your table enabling younger players to ease into the game.
  • Who are Wrenegade Studios?
    Wrenegade Studios was created by Alex, Dan and Paul Thut who are either Brothers or Cousins. More info can be found on our about us page detailing the creation of the studio and the involvement of the team members.
  • What is the Wrenegade System?
    The Wrenegade System is the underlying mechanics for Beyond the Veil built with narrative and quick fluid gameplay in mind. Using the system you’ll be able to quickly apply a flexible ruleset to any genre or setting you would like with minimum effort.
  • Will I be able to create my own content for Beyond the Veil?
    Wrenegade Studios plans to release “Beyond the Veil” under the Open Roleplaying Creative licence (ORC). For more information about ORC please click the link below.
  • Are there any plans for the Wrenegade System in the future?
    We have created the Wrenegade System to be flexible enough that it can be adapted to other settings and genres. As avid lovers of sci-fi and fantasy we plan to expand the Wrenegade universe into these areas in the future.
  • What do I need to play Beyond the Veil?
    In order to play Beyond the Veil you will need a copy of the core rulebooks, a set of rpg dice and at least one friend or companion who doesn’t mind being terrified!
  • What dice do I need?
    A standard set of RPG dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20) can be used to play Beyond the Veil. A d100 can also be used but isn’t required. The Wrenegade System uses a cascading dice pool for character abilities but more than one die of each type is not necessary.
  • What does cascading dice pool mean?
    Character abilities are represented by the different dice, from a d20 downwards. This represents the scale of proficiency with which a person can undertake tasks during an investigation. As characters progress through their career they will have the opportunity to improve their dice pool, beyond the starting d20 cap
  • Can Beyond the Veil be played solo?
    There will be a number of randomisation options that make solo play possible. Entity creation and reactions can be determined via the roll of a die which enables solo play. However, we highly recommend scaring the pants off your friends and family whenever possible!
  • What type of characters can I create in Beyond the Veil?
    Beyond the Veil attempts to reflect the modern world in an understandable way. Characters start with a day job and will need to fit amateur-level investigations around those. The flexibility in occupation encourages bespoke, relatable, builds that could be aspirational or even reflective of reality! Players can feel free to create themselves or parodies of their favourite people from fact or fiction. Each occupation has future specialisation options that offer a range of features to enhance gameplay.
  • What are abilities in Beyond the Veil?
    The core elements of a character’s interactions with the world around them. Abilities determine the base roll that is used in conjunction with more in-depth skills to cover the wide range of actions a player may want to use.
  • What are Skills & Talents in Beyond the Veil?
    Characters need to be able to accomplish complex tasks within an investigation that requires a more in-depth range of options than the basic abilities dice pool can offer. Using a wider list of skills backed by a variety of bespoke, situational, talents, players can attempt anything their imagination can come up with… or that the GM will allow at least.
  • How does fear work in Beyond the Veil?
    Fear represents the rising levels of anxiety a character will feel throughout an investigation. Even the most hardened of characters will be subject to the effects of the unknown situations that they will find themselves in.
  • How does Belief work?
    Characters have a sliding scale that represents their current level of belief in the strange occurrences around them. Beyond the Veil purposefully supports complete sceptics as well as total believers with their being no ‘sweet spot’ on the scale which is designed to fluctuate throughout an investigation as well as between sessions.
  • How does Combat work?
    Combat in the Wrenegade system is somewhat optional, with the emphasis being on the investigation itself. However, when a fight does occur we have kept it simple to encourage a fast-flowing, narrative-driven, action sequence. The initiative is simplified, the initiator acts first, then the opposition. Turns have a clear action economy that supports tactical play since players can all act at the same time to coordinate their moves. Movement operates on a proximity banding to eliminate the need for battle maps, rulers or grids. Rolling to hit and damage are the same roll which is offset by the target’s ability to resist and all participants have the same overall health (calculated as a percentage).
  • Does Beyond the Veil reference religion?
    We made a conscious choice to keep the themes in Beyond the Veil separate from world religion. As a TTRPG it is up to the group playing the game to introduce any potentially divisive elements themselves.
  • Who and what are the Supernatural & Paranormal Society?
    The Supernatural & Paranormal Society was founded in 1881 at the beginning of the ‘Age of Spiritualism’ as a way to evaluate the many who claimed to be able to contact and communicate with the dead. Originally the founders, Albert Williams & John Alexander, two physicians from London had come together in 1878 in order to disprove the existence of the paranormal and the claims made by Psychic mediums or as they called them ‘Charlatans’. Both had suffered loss in their lives, with the most recent being the sudden loss of Alexander’s young daughter Rosie 6 years prior. The pair intended to prove that all mediums were Charlatans and any claim that the human soul could remain after death and did not pass onto a better place as pure fantasy. For the first 2 years they uncovered many “Charlatans” and found very little in the way of proof that was not explainable by science. In October 1880, American medium Amelia Gabriel came to London to conduct seances with many of the great and good of London high society. She found favour and word of the success of her spiritual seances and the accuracy of the information she imparted spread. In January of 1881 Willams and Alexander requested her to appear at a private dinner party, in which they, their Spouses and a few close family would be in attendance. The aim was to show her to be a charlatan by feeding her false information of Williams’ “deceased” brother, who was actually alive and seated at the table. Amelia started her seance as she would any other by getting everyone seated at the table to hold hands as she entered into a trance in order to contact the spirits. Williams and Alexander were astounded as she instantly called them out on their deception and continued on in her trance state to inform the party that a little girl had come forward and wanted to speak to John and his wife, who had decided to stand at the side as she was too scared to take part in the seance. Over the period of 5 minutes Amelia conveyed information from Alexander’s deceased daughter Rosie that she could never have known or found out. At the end of the five minutes as the party and spirit said their goodbyes, the deceased girl visually manifested by her father’s side and placed her hand on his shoulder before dematerialising. At this point Amelia came out of her trance to be greeted by a room full of shocked faces. Williams & Alexander were dumbfounded by what they had just witnessed and they and Amelia spent the next few hours discussing her ability, charlatans and the gentlemans original plan to expose her. It was decided that night that Amelia would join the gentlemen to help prove the existence of the supernatural and the paranormal. They formed the Supernatural & Paranormal Society to evaluate any claims of evidence. By the early 1900’s at the time of both Williams and Alexander’s passing the S.P.S was the largest, most well respected evaluator of proof of the existence of the Supernatural and paranormal in the world. They had exposed over 3,000 charlatans, investigated over 10,000 supernatural or paranormal claims. The S.P.S is still the largest society of its kind. They now evaluate over 5,000,000 claims a year. *The Supernatural & Paranormal Society (SPS) is a fictional society created by Wrenegade Studios for the TTRPG Beyond the Veil.
  • What are the core rule books?
    The core rulebooks are the set of books you will need to play Beyond the Veil. If you plan to run the game you will need a copy of the “Gamemaster’s Guide” and anyone wishing to play a character in the game will need access to the “Investigator’s Handbook”. If you wish to add more entities to your game you will need a copy of the “Entity Compendium”.
  • Will there be a starter kit?
    A FREE starter kit is now available to download here:
  • Will you be playtesting Beyond the Veil and will you be looking for play testers?
    We will be playtesting throughout 2023/24. If you would like to be involved, with the chance to have your name published in the core rulebooks, sign up to our newsletter for details when we release them.
  • How do I get Beyond the Veil?
    Currently Beyond the Veil is under development and will be heading to a crowdfunding platform upon successful completion and playtesting. We would also like to see Beyond the Veil be available in Game stores, if you are a game store retailer and are interested in stocking the core rulebooks please contact us.
  • Which crowdfunding platform do you plan to run the funding campaign on?
    We are currently undecided due to the constant changes to how the platforms work as well as the new platforms that have been introduced recently and will make a decision nearer to our planned release date. We will also consult with you the potential customers via our newsletter, blog and website, giving you a list of pros and cons for each platform and how they affect you the customer and us the publisher. This way you can help us choose the right platform to launch Beyond the Veil.
  • Will I have access to resources to aid gameplay?
    Character sheets and quick play reference guides will be made available to download for printing.
  • Do you have plans for any other game aids?
    We are planning to create a mobile/tablet application for both Android and IOS with access to soundboards to help create atmosphere, character planners, and many more features but this will be dependent on the success of the crowdfunding.
  • Will the app be free?
    In one short word, Yes.
  • Will there be any expansions for Beyond the Veil?
    There are a number of expansions already on the roadmap to follow the general release of the game.
  • Will there be any other ways to expand my Beyond the Veil Universe?
    We are considering a patreon, with monthly investigations as rewards, if the interest is there.
  • Will there be any other components available for Beyond the Veil?
    We fully intend to licence card decks for use with the game, availability of these will be dependent on the success of any funding drive. Stretch goals may also include options such as premium GM screens, official token markers, or even miniatures for use in your game.
  • Will Beyond the Veil be available for retail?
    We certainly hope that retailers will be interested in stocking the Beyond the Veil core rule books but at the moment we can not guarantee it. If you are a retailer and wish to stock the game books please contact us here.
  • Do you have any other plans to expand the Beyond the Veil Universe?
    We are looking at the possibility of creating Volumes of spooky tales that can also include the necessary information to be played as investigations called “Tales from Beyond the Veil”. We are also considering writing and creating a series of comic books or graphic novels set in the Beyond the Veil universe.
  • Is there a media kit available?
    Yes, there is. Please email us at or contact us via our contact page for access.
  • How can I contact Wrenegade Studios?
    You can email us at Contact us via our website contact form. Or message us via our Social media.
  • Is Wrenegade Studios on Social Media?
    Facebook – Https:// Twitter – Https:// Instagram – Https:// Threads - Bluesky - You can also find us on the hive social network @wrenegadestudios
  • Does Wrenegade Studios have a YouTube Channel?
    Yes we do please go to and don’t forget to like and subscribe and hit the notification bell!
  • Does Wrenegade Studios have a Twitch Channel?
    We will be live streaming gameplay of Beyond the Veil over on our Twitch channel. Make sure you don’t miss our streams by heading over to and following us.
  • Where can I watch videos of Beyond the Veil?
    We will be live streaming on our Twitch channel here And also posting the videos to our YouTube here
  • Is there a Beyond the Veil Wiki?
    Once we are finished developing the main core rulebooks for Beyond the Veil we will be creating a Wiki to coincide with the general release of the books.

If you have any further questions please contact us.

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