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Evolving Identity: The New Look of Wrenegade Studios

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Evolving Identity: The New Look of Wrenegade Studios

Wrenegade Studios, the indie tabletop RPG publisher behind the “Beyond the Veil” TTRPG has unveiled a new logo that reflects its bold ambitions for the future.

The old logo, featuring a wren bird, was a simple but effective representation of the studio’s origins. The wren is a small, unassuming bird that is often seen as a symbol of resilience and determination. This was a fitting symbol for Wrenegade Studios, which was founded by three individuals with a passion for storytelling and a commitment to creating innovative tabletop RPGs.

However, as Wrenegade Studios grew, the old logo became outdated. The new logo, which features a wren’s wings spread atop a d20, is a more modern and dynamic representation of the studio’s identity. The wren is still present but soaring into the sky, symbolising the studio’s ambition and dedication to breaking new ground in the tabletop RPG industry.

The new logo also incorporates another meaning associated with the Wren of ‘New Beginnings’. The d20, the iconic die used in tabletop RPGs, is a reminder of the studio’s roots and its dedication to creating games that are both challenging and rewarding.

The new logo is also a visual representation of the partnership between Wrenegade Studios’ three founders. It is a reminder that Wrenegade Studios is more than just three individuals; it is a team of passionate creators who are dedicated to bringing their vision to life.

The new logo is a bold statement of intent from Wrenegade Studios. It is a declaration that the studio is ready for the future and that it is committed to creating innovative and exciting tabletop RPGs that will inspire players of all levels.

“We’re excited to share our new logo with everyone,” said Paul, the Creative Director at Wrenegade. “It’s a symbol of our growth and evolution as a company and our commitment to creating innovative tabletop RPGs.”

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