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A Brief look back at 2022 and what’s to come in 2023

Firstly lets start off this blog by wishing you all a happy new year and we hope 2023 proves to be a good year for everyone.

A brief look back at 2022

2022 has been a busy year over at Wrenegade HQ in many ways, with the change of focus from 3 single games covering the paranormal, supernatural and the unknown to a combined game called “Beyond the Veil”. More info about this and why we chose to take the game in that direction can be found in these two blogs Evolution Of An Idea > Three become one.

Turning all three games into one game has added to the workload in 2022 but overall this hugely benefits not only you the player but also the system itself.

With 90% of the mechanics in “Beyond the Veil” now done we have turned our attention to the actual writing of the two main core rule books and the “Entity Compendium” as well as the artwork, design, layout, and marketing.

To help us get things right for you and discover what you want from a TTRPG, not only in terms of gameplay but also all the other elements that matter such as accessories, price points etc, we surveyed players and GMs which we neatly summed up in this blog here The Survey Results Are In.

So what is happening in 2023

The upcoming year (if you’re reading this on the 31st of Dec 2022) is going to be a very busy year for Wrenegade Studios. 2023 was always the goal for the release of the game even when we first started the development way back in 2020 and it still is our aim to have the game ready to play and take to crowdfunding in 2023. Of course we have given ourselves essentially three times the work we initially had but we are on good course at the moment to hit this target, even with full time jobs and family.

So what happens once you have enough of the game ready to play? The next step will be to playtest and for that we want to include you. Yes you! In 2023 we will be attending events around the UK as well hosting online playtests for our overseas brethren, gathering your feedback & suggestions to help us get the game right. If this is something that would interest you and you would like to be some of the first people to play the game as well as get your name in the rulebooks* scroll to the bottom of this page and sign up to our newsletter. Once we are at the playtesting phase we will send out an email to all subscribers giving them the option to come play with us either at events or online. *This is optional if you would prefer not to see your name in print.

Will I be able to see the game being played? Yes! As stated above we plan to take the game to conventions in the UK where you can come and join in or watch.  Also we plan to stream gameplay through Twitch, so come and follow us here @Wrenegade_Studios

What about the release of Beyond the Veil At the moment our next aim is to release a free starter PDF sometime in early 2023 that will give you all the basic rules you need to play through an investigation and give you a taste of what is to come in the full release. The full release is slated for late 2023 through crowdfunding, the actual platform has not yet been decided with the changes that are being made to certain platforms as well as the emergence of new platforms we want to make sure we get the right one that works for both Wrenegade and you. Whichever platform we choose we will be giving clear reasons why we chose them and the benefits we believe it gives us all. Again to keep in the loop about the full release and crowdfunding choice sign up to our newsletter below.

And with that, without going into insane amounts of detail about all the design work, marketing, manufacturing, shipment and other stuff we have to do this year in order to give you the ultimate TTRPG scare, we will wish you a very Happy New Year and as much prosperity and good will that a person can give to another.

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