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Origins – A Haunted DevBlog [1]

Every ghost story has its origin, whether a tale told by the campfire in the dead of night, or a whispered anecdote shared between friends; one thing remains constant… the thrill of the unknown.

Our kind of people

There are true believers and there are hardcore sceptics but the majority of people fall somewhere in-between.

The kind of people who rationalise the noises heard at night but can’t help but wonder, who feel the tingle down the spine following a spooky story or those whose arm hairs stand on end when passing an old abandoned house. Our imagination is an incredible thing… but what if it isn’t just imagination?

An RPG Experience

With Haunted we wanted to encapsulate the unknown as part of a collaborative storytelling experience, a way to explore the possibilities of imagination versus apparition while still providing that same anticipation and tension that most of us remember from visiting that one place when we were kids.

For me, growing up with cousins of a similar age and spending most of my free time playing games at one of their houses, my origin story starts there. The house is an old farmhouse out in the middle of rural England, half surrounded by woodland and with an unfathomably deep well out back covered with a huge concrete slab. Oh, and Viking graves at the end of the cornfield…

Already into TTRPGs, and love for the Fantasy genre already growing in me, that house was filled with spooks, spirits and monsters. Did it stop me visiting, no way… did it make me reconsider many late night bathroom visits, well that’s a story for another time!

The familiar unknown

Haunted seeks to bring together those people from across the belief spectrum and unite them into a singular investigative force of the paranormal. Through the use of each team member’s specialist skills, they will discover the stories behind the entities and do what must be done to help them be at peace.

Until next time.

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