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Artist Spotlight

Paul Thut

Meet Paul Thut, the versatile artist behind Wrenegade Studios. With a background at Riley Art College, Paul excels as an illustrator, painter, cartoonist, modeller, comic book artist/inker and graphic designer. His award-winning work, showcased in galleries, spans portraiture, traditional cartoons, and fantasy illustration.

Having faced a decade-long hiatus due to rheumatoid arthritis in his drawing hand, Paul overcame adversity, undergoing surgeries to realign tendons in his drawing hand. Now, after nearly another decade of honing his craft privately for himself, his family & friends he navigates the digital canvas with a Huion GT-191 monitor and Adobe Photoshop, seamlessly blending traditional and digital techniques to bring Wrenegade's imaginative worlds to life.

amelia portrait.jpg
sps hidden vault.jpg
The Wretched.jpg
Charming Mr Darcy.webp
Cabin with festive lights.jpg
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