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Wrenegades stance on the Open Games Licence (OGL) situation

In light of current developments within the tabletop roleplaying community concerning the change to the OGL which will be brought in by D&D ONE, we at Wrenegade Studios would like to make our stance clear concerning the “Wrenegade System” that we are currently developing for the TTRPG “Beyond the Veil” and it’s planned expansions as well as any RPG’s developed by the studio in the future.

Our licence will always be open for others to use and adapt.

We began developing games, not to make money, but to create a fluid narrative system that could be adapted to any setting that we as players would enjoy playing and that we could share with the TTRPG community.

Our view is that an open RPG creative licence which Paizo are proposing helps a game evolve and the developers and community can only benefit from this.

If you have any questions concerning this please contact us via our website

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