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What’s in store for 2022

It’s been a minute since we updated you on our progress with “Haunted: Beyond the veil” the paranormal investigation table top roleplaying game.

Currently we are almost at a point with the rules and mechanics that early play testing can begin. As you can imagine there is a lot to consider when trying to create a realistic ttrpg.

As of today, with the majority of the game now done, we are at about 50% of the way done with converting our notes and ideas into the rule books.

The current task is converting all those pieces of equipment used in real life paranormal investigations into in-game equipment for your team to utilise in your search for entities.

As well as finalising the talents your character will be able to choose from as they advance.

Our main aim for 2022 is to complete the first iteration of the rule books and extensively play test in-house and with our willing followers (so keep your eyes peeled for that announcement!).

Once we have ironed out any creases discovered during play testing we will be finalising the rule books, their layout and design and looking for artists to help bring Haunted to life!

I will endeavour to keep you more up to date with our progress this year. If you visit our (temporary design) website at you can read our previous blog posts and keep up to date with our new blogs, coming soon.

Till next time… Keep believing!

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