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Threads vs. Twitter: The Battle for TTRPG Supremacy

Threads vs. Twitter: The Battle for TTRPG Supremacy

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has launched Threads, a new text-based conversation app designed to rival Twitter.

Threads received five million sign-ups within the first four hours and had 30 million users shortly after its launch.

The app allows users to follow their favourite creators, engage in discussions, and share ideas and opinions. To sign up, users need an Instagram account, as Threads is linked to Instagram. While there are similarities between Threads and Twitter, such as newsfeeds, ‘likes,’ and reposting, Meta has made some changes to the terminology.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, has expressed the intention for Threads to become a platform for public conversations with over a billion users.

Posts on Threads can have up to 500 characters and videos can be up to five minutes long. Additionally, posts can be shared on other platforms and directly to Instagram stories.

The integration of Wrenegade Studios into Threads, the social media platform by Instagram, brings immense benefits to the TTRPG community.

Threads, the competitor to Twitter, has already gained significant popularity, with millions of users signing up shortly after its launch.

The app provides a space for text-based conversations, allowing communities to come together and discuss topics of interest. With Threads, TTRPG enthusiasts can follow and connect with their favorite creators, share ideas, opinions, and creativity with the world, and build a loyal following.

To sign up, users need an Instagram account, making the process straightforward for existing Instagram users.

Posts on Threads can be up to 500 characters long, providing ample space for TTRPG-related discussions, and videos of up to five minutes can be shared.

Furthermore, the ability to share posts as links on other platforms and directly to Instagram stories expands the reach of TTRPG content.

Threads offers a visually immersive experience, robust community engagement, and serves as a viable alternative to Twitter for TTRPG enthusiasts, backed by Meta’s ambition to create a platform for public conversations with over a billion users.

So, join Threads, explore the hashtags, and embark on exciting adventures in the world of tabletop role-playing games!

Happy gaming, and may your rolls always be critical!

10 TTRPG Hashtags to use on Threads

The top ten trending TTRPG-related hashtags on Threads:

1. #TTRPG: The go-to hashtag for all things tabletop role-playing games. It covers a wide range of content, including game reviews, character concepts, session recaps, and more.

2. #SelfPromoSaturday: A popular hashtag where TTRPG creators and enthusiasts can promote their own work, including games, artwork, podcasts, and more. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your projects and connect with others.

3. #RPGCommunity: This hashtag encompasses the broader TTRPG community, allowing users to connect with fellow enthusiasts, share experiences, and seek advice.

4. #IndieGame: A hashtag dedicated to independent TTRPGs. By using this hashtag, players and creators can support and promote smaller, lesser-known games.

5. #GMtips: Game masters can find and share valuable tips, tricks, and advice for running TTRPG sessions using this hashtag.

6. #WipWednesday: This hashtag focuses on sharing “Works in Progress” related to TTRPGs. It’s a great way for creators to showcase their ongoing projects, such as game designs, artwork, maps, and more.

7. #TabletopGaming: A general hashtag covering a wide range of tabletop games, including TTRPGs. It’s perfect for finding content related to various board games and card games as well.

8. #ActualPlay: This hashtag is used to share recordings or live streams of TTRPG sessions, allowing others to experience the game in action.

9. #Worldbuilding: For those interested in crafting intricate and immersive game worlds, this hashtag provides a space to share ideas, tips, and examples of worldbuilding in TTRPGs.

10. #OnePageRPG: This hashtag focuses on minimalist TTRPG systems that can fit on a single page. It’s a great resource for discovering compact yet engaging games.

These hashtags represent the top trends within the TTRPG community on Threads, offering users the opportunity to explore, engage, and promote their work. So, join the conversations, discover new adventures, and connect with fellow enthusiasts using these trending hashtags!

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