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Proving the existence of the paranormal – Journal entry [1] – Ghosts (Aug 20th, 1967)

August 20th 1967

I have had many encounters with what I would describe as a Ghost, but this experience is one that sticks out in my mind.

CASE #229

I was contacted by a rather concerned homeowner, at what is a rather large, prestigious house in the rural countryside. I travelled there arriving shortly after 6pm. After interviewing the Lady of the house prior to my investigation to gather as much information as possible, I collected my equipment and headed up to the 2nd floor and into the 3rd guest bedroom. The lady of the house had informed me that once a month on the third Sunday for as long as she had been married to the Master of the house, who had inherited the house from his father 10 years prior after his fathers passing, she could hear sobbing coming from the room.   Her husband could not hear anything and despite living in the house his whole life had never heard anything coming from this room.

I set up my tape recorder and sat beside it in the dark room. After many hours of asking questions, rewinding the tape and listening for a response with no luck,  I was starting to feel that maybe the husband was correct and that the sounds coming from the room were all in the Lady of the house’s mind. At just after 11pm, I tried once again to contact and illicit a response. This time upon rewinding the cassette, as I began to ask my question I could hear faint sobbing over the top of myself talking and continue beyond until I stopped the recording. The sobbing was clearly that of an adult woman, but I had not heard her with my own ears at the time. A few minutes passed when out of the corner of my eye I saw what, at first, seemed to be shimmering, translucent fabric move above the bed.  As I turned to the bed I could clearly see a woman in her mid 20’s dressed in a mid 18th century nightgown sit up from the bed and with no emotion on her face. She began walking towards the window I was sat by. She did not see me and despite my rather shocked reaction and mumbled question of “Who are you?” she did not respond. Then the entity made a motion of opening the window. The physical window did not open I must point out, and then she climbed onto the window ledge and threw herself to the ground. I got up immediately and looked out of the still closed window. There was nothing there. I informed the lady of the house about my encounter, and between us both over the next 3 months we researched the house and its history to try and answer who the young lady was . We eventually stumbled upon the story of a young guest of the then owners of the house who had lost her husband during the war. Stricken with grief she had thrown herself from the 2nd storey window and died on impact with the ground.

Conclusion This entity I define as a ghost, it neither responds or interacts and appears to be a recording in time of a past event replaying over and over. This experience was unusual that only the lady of the house could hear it, which from experience of similar entities is not always the case, but this could be caused by the circumstances of the young lady’s death; perhaps the lady of the house at that time was the only one to hear the sobbing before the young girls death? The present lady of the house asked me to try and help the entity and let her rest in peace, but despite numerous attempts and different methods nothing seemed to work. My final conclusion is a ghost is a residual haunting and will remain reliving an event. Normally this event is something prior to its death but from experience that is not always the case, that is why I have added different classes of Ghosts to my Journal.


Professor Charles Stephenson

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