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Meeting – 21st January ’22

The second weekly meeting of the year discussing ‘Haunted: Beyond the veil – A Paranormal investigation RPG’ saw the team discussing the ability classes and skill/talent trees associated with them and how to make them different from other RPGs but also easier to understand and navigate.

What we came up with is a radial tree that at one glance allows you to see what skills are available to your character with their current stats.

One thing we really want you as players to be able to do is create any type of character you want! And we believe the system we have created will allow for this.

For instance; if you wish to make a character with a D20 mental ability based build but who also works out at the weekend and has a slight psychic ability, this system will allow for that.

Once we have the six ability (physical, mental, technical, social, senses and psychic) radial skill trees fleshed out we will make them available on our website for you all to see.

Speaking of the website, this week started to get a facelift towards what we hope is a more user friendly and informative look. With more information being added about the game, its features and our ideas for the future.

Once the website is complete we will make an announcement and hope you will give us some feedback, good or bad.

Till next week… Keep believing!

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