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Beyond the Veil by the Thut Brothers

Welcome to Wrenegade Studios, a family-run tabletop role-playing game development and publishing company based in the United Kingdom. Our main focus is on developing the TTRPG "Beyond the Veil," in which players take on the role of paranormal investigators exploring the paranormal, supernatural & the unknown. 

Dare you go
Beyond the Veil?

Immerse yourself in a thrilling adventure where terror and excitement collide. Beyond the Veil is a tabletop roleplaying game that will send shivers down your spine and keep you on the edge of your seat. As you and your friends navigate through a world filled with paranormal mysteries, expect the unexpected and brace yourselves for a truly terrifying experience.


Get Started -
For First Time Players

Step into the mysterious world of Beyond the Veil's starter kit, "Shadows at the Rectory." Embark on a thrilling journey in this TTRPG where you'll delve into the realms of paranormal, supernatural, and the unknown. Your mission: investigate the most haunted house in England during the 1930s.

This starter kit invites you to become a fearless investigator, navigating through the eerie corridors and uncovering the secrets hidden within the shadows. Immerse yourself in a narrative where you'll encounter spectral entities, solve enigmatic mysteries, and confront the supernatural forces that linger within the haunted rectory.

Included in this starter kit—an introductory digital rules book lite, "Shadows at the Rectory" module, Six pre-made characters ready for action.
Get ready to unravel the chilling tales and become a part of the paranormal investigations in "Shadows at the Rectory" – a truly haunting adventure awaits!

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What's new

Available Now: "Silent Nightmare"

A FREE one shot holiday season themed module for "Beyond the Veil".

Find more information by clicking Download now

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Choose an Investigation

Ready to try Beyond the Veil? check out these ready to play Investigations. Each Investigation includes pre-made characters.


Shadows at the Rectory

Free Starter kit

For up to 7 players - 1st Level

Gather your team of Investigators and step into Borley Rectory "The most haunted house in England".

The year is 1938 and you have been called upon by, current tenant and renowned paranormal investigator, Harry Price to help him investigate the activity within the walls, activity that has sent many an investigator fleeing before dawn.

Are you and your team brave enough to discover Borleys secret past?


Silent Nightmare

Featured module

For up to 5 players - 3rd Level

Following a spate of abductions in a small town located not far from the Swiss/Italian border, the SPS has arranged for you and your team to investigate the kidnappings. The SPS has reason to believe that the culprit is not human, although their efforts to establish the exact nature of the threat have been in vain.

Your team gathers at the foot of the mountain, your destination a small alpine lodge, ca you save the children before it is too late?  

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Find out more about the Wrenegade Studios team and the Company.



Join the developers on our Discord server, ask questions about our games and find groups to play with.

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See our latest releases and discover more from the Beyond the Veil Universe.

News from Wrenegade Studios

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